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Although a bun is deemed as a neutral ingredient of fast food meals, the result always depends on its quality and taste. Choosing the “right” hot dog bun is no less important than choosing of a juicy meat wiener. Otherwise, the result is unlikely will be able to compare with the meals of well-known fast food facilities.

What a bun should be for French hot dog?

Булка для фаст-фуду

An ordinary store-bought bun will definitely not fit for a true French hot dog. You should not save money on this ingredient or try to use “not-hot dog” analogues. So, French hot dog buns should have the following characteristics:

  • fluffy;
  • soft;
  • lack of crumbs;
  • maintaining a shape;
  • presence of an open hole for wieners or sausages.

It is equally important that these characteristics will be preserved after cooking. Pay also attention to ingredients. A hot dog bun should have a good composition, and only reliable manufacturers offer the quality products.

In the traditional version, hot dog buns visually are analogous to baguettes. Its cooking technology provides soft stuffing and a crispy crust. Another important fact is that the sauce or fat will not run out the finished meal. This kind of bun is convenient to take for the tastiest snack.

What are hot dog buns like?

The hot dog bun, which you can buy at the Mr.Grill store, is presented in various versions. The assortment includes wheat, rye, wheat-rye bakery products. Among the popular, there is Brioche bun with open holes or buster baguette.

The advantages of baguettes for a classic hot dog are that it allows you to put a wiener on the top. It allows you to add various stuffing: fried onions, cheese or fresh vegetables to every taste.

French hot dog buns can be found for every taste. Someone likes classic wheat, and someone prefers savoury rye.

The Mr.Grill products are provided in frozen form and completely ready to eat after defrosting. It is enough to add other products, to heat (the most popular variant is grilling), and tastiest hot dogs are ready.

Where to buy frozen hot dog buns?

The Mr.Grill store offers to buy French hot dog buns for everyone taste. Our main advantages are:

  • a wide choice of semi-finished products, you can buy not only hot dog bun here, but also wieners, sausages, cheese and much more;
  • no minimum order, you can buy product both wholesale and retail;
  • equipment rent, the Mr.Grill provides machines for cooking fast food meals, it is a great solution if you wish to organize a party or start your own business.

The Mr.Grill is the ideal solution for home cooking or use in fast food chains. When deciding where to buy hot dog bun, you will make the right choice selected our store. We guarantee the quality of each product and do everything that as many people as possible can enjoy the excellent taste.

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