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How to get started
  • How to get started and why I need to register

    You're already here, so all we have to do is go through the easy registration process.

    Having a personal account is very convenient. You will collect a list of your purchases, see the delivery schedule, and the status of your orders. Plus, all data is entered only once.

    And we need it to enter into the system, to set up a route to your outlets.

  • How to fill in the data

    First and last name. This is where the sole proprietor's data is specified. It is in this name that invoices will be issued

    City/village. The settlement where the main outlet is located. If you work in different cities, select the settlement where you live.

    TIN (identification code). This is an optional field. But if you pay with us by bank transfer, we need the TIN to identify the payment. It is thanks to it that our accountants correlate the payment with the counterparty.

    Phone number. The number of the person who will order and make decisions

    E-mail. You can add any one you like. After registration, you will receive a password to your email. You will also receive order letters and supporting documents by e-mail.f

  • I now have a different FOP, how do I correct the data?

    Simply register again using a different e-mail and phone number.

    After that, call us at +38 (050) 490 86 36. A manager will help you transfer your outlets, previous mail, and phone number.

  • How does this happen?

    Our truck will bring you the goods directly to the point of sale.

    • We use refrigerated trucks. So the products will be delivered in perfect condition.
    • Up to 6 times a week in large cities. And from 2 times in smaller towns.
  • How can I find out the schedule and conditions in my city?

    Please follow this link: .

    Do you see the "Payment and Delivery Methods" field just below the red inscription? Please click on it. Select your city and town and you will see the schedule immediately.

  • Error checking the schedule: Delivery is not available in this city

    Try to register. We'll have to check individually, maybe we can deliver to you.

  • Is it free?

    Yes, in most settlements. More details can be found on the schedule page

  • My delivery is today. What time should I expect the driver?

    After 10:00, you will receive an SMS with the estimated time of the driver's arrival to the phone number specified in your personal account.

  • What documents are delivered with the goods?
    • Consignment note
    • Certificates of quality
    • Bill of lading (for LLC)
  • Can I pay in cash?

    Yes. There are three methods to choose from. When ordering, you can choose the option you want:

    1. Cash: Simply pay the driver upon delivery.

    2. Online in the WayforPay service (prepayment), where you can pay through: Privat24, Monobank, Apple Pay, Google Pay, By card number.

    3. Cashless payment: To the bank details of our Premier Food LLC (prepayment).

  • Do I need to confirm the payment?

    Yes, there are two very simple ways to do this:

    1. SMS after order

    After creating an order, you will receive an SMS with the details. There is a link at the end of this message. Please click on it. You will be taken directly to the page where you can attach a receipt in 1 click.

    2. On the website in your personal account

    Go to the section of your orders -> Expand the desired order -> Pay attention to the inscription "Choose a file" under the text "Upload payment receipt". *Attach the receipt -> This is what we need.

  • How do I change my payment method?

    You can do this if the time for accepting orders according to your schedule has not yet passed. Click on our assistant bot (red icon in the lower right corner of the website):

    Go to the section: I'm a regular customer -> Change order payment method

    Or just call us at +38 (050) 490 86 36. Tell the manager your business name, delivery address and preferred payment method.

  • Error when uploading a receipt "The Receipt for payment field must contain a file of one of the following types: pdf, doc, docx, png, jpg"

    If you are sure that you are uploading a file of the correct format, the solution is very simple: instead of the PDF document itself, simply attach a photo (screenshot) of it.

  • The field or button for downloading a receipt is not active in the mobile application

    This means that the app does not have access to your files. We just need to give it access. Choose a convenient way:

    1. Uninstall and reinstall the application.

    Then the first time you start it, the system will ask you, "Do you want to share your files?".

    2. In the settings of your smartphone

    We need the "Applications" section in the settings. Find Mr.Grill in the list -> click on it -> in the "Permissions" section, you can select "Access to storage" or "Photos and videos" -> this is what we need to allow.

  • Installment plan

    How to get a loan for a grill.

    Place an order on the website;

    • When placing an order, select the "Installment plan" item;
    • On the payment page via WayforPay, select the required bank.

    Available options:

    1. Monobank - interest-free payment in installments, available for 3 months.
    2. PrivatBank - instant installments at 1.9%/month for up to 25 months.

    Important! Installment plan is available only when ordering grills.

  • Buy or rent?
      Rent Purchase

    The collateral value of the grill

    This is the amount from which the rental fee will be deducted. We will divide the paid amount into 24 equal parts. And for 1 year, we will write off a portion every month until half is left. After that, it's free. And if you no longer need the grill, we will definitely refund the remaining deposit

    One-time payment - the cost of the grill
    The minimum order 2500 UAH/month 0
    Condition The grills may be used, but they are fully functional, cleaned, and in good condition New
    Warranty Permanent, upon fulfillment of the minimum order 1 year from the manufacturer. Subsequently, it is provided with a turnover of 5000 UAH/month
    Fulfillment of the warranty A replacement grill is provided for the duration of the repair A replacement grill is not provided
    Sending for service Free There may be a fee, depending on the delivery area
    The process of obtaining Rental agreement -> Payment -> Delivery

    Order -> Payment -> Delivery

    *In Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, and Zhytomyr regions, payment upon receipt is possible

    Cost of delivery Free There may be a fee, depending on the delivery area
    Main advantages Service, lower cost Easy ordering, novelty, no mandatory minimum order
  • How much do they cost and what are their characteristics?

    The links below provide complete and accessible information, we suggest you take a look:



  • How do we deliver?

    We try very hard to deliver equipment with our vehicles all over Ukraine. And today we already have this opportunity in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions.

    We also deliver quickly to other settlements. But with our assistant, Nova Poshta, to your branch.

    • In this case, the delivery is paid by the buyer;
    • We make such shipments on a prepaid basis;
    • We always deliver rental grills for free.
  • Service (purchase)

    We will carefully and free of charge repair the grill you purchase from us.

    • The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty. But in general, it does not have a deadline.
    • It is enough to remain our stable customer: Just buy products totaling more than 5 thousand hryvnias per month.
    • It can be one order for 5 thousand, or several smaller ones. We are talking about the total amount of our turnover per month.
  • Service (rent)

    The good news is that the warranty is permanent, and we will provide you with a replacement grill for the duration of the repair.

    • Just buy products totaling more than 2500 UAH per month.
    • It can be one order for 2.5 thousand, or several smaller ones.
    • We are talking about the total amount of our turnover per month.
  • The order of receipt


    Order on the site-> Payment-> Delivery

    *In Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions, payment upon receipt and delivery with the goods by our transport is possible.


    Rental agreement -> Payment -> Delivery

    Step 1, Agreement:

    We will sign a rental agreement (in the name of your sole proprietor). To do this, we will need photos of several documents:

    • Passport of the sole proprietor
    • Identification code
    • An extract from the Ukraine Register of Entrepreneurs that the person is an entrepreneur

    Our manager will help you with this.

    Step 2. Deposit amount

    The amount is paid after signing the contract and before shipment to the current account of Premier Food LLC. The rent will be deducted from this amount.

    Step 3. Receive delivery of the grill

  • How to get a price list?

    In our bot in the lower right corner of the site (red icon): I'm here for the first time -> Download price list.

  • How to choose a hot dog sausage

    To get started, you and I just need to choose 1 type of sausage and 1 sausage. This will cover your standard needs and allow you to comfortably test the idea of a hot dog.

    Pay attention to the size of the sausages

    If they are 18-22 cm, they will fit on a regular hot dog bun. If they are larger than 22 cm, we recommend choosing an XL bun. This is a separate, more satisfying format.

    Customers will definitely like it.

    We have a very convenient step-by-step selection process

    Just use our assistant bot (red icon in the lower right corner): I'm here for the first time -> Help me choose hot dog products.

  • Can I buy only hot dog buns?

    We are a manufacturer of meat products, so we ship buns with sausages.

    It is not necessary that sausages are included in every order. But their quantity, together with buns, should be comparable during our cooperation.

  • What are chilled products?

    Almost all of our products are shock frozen, which increases the shelf life.

    But in the Paninis, Ciabattas and Baguettes category, you can find chilled ones. These products are:

    • Prepared specifically for your order;
    • Can be stored for up to 7 days;
    • Completely ready to eat, even without additional heating.
Document flow
  • Do you need a supply agreement for cooperation?

    Optional. If you want to sign such an agreement, please contact us at +38 (050) 490 86 36. Our manager will be happy to help.

    • For individual entrepreneurs: the manager will ask to provide a photo of the TIN, passport, extract from the Unified State Register, which confirms that the person is a sole proprietor.
    • For LLCs: it is advisable to provide a full package of constituent documents.
  • How to get a reconciliation report?

    In our bot in the lower right corner of the site (red icon): I'm a regular customer -> Reconciliation report

    Or simply call +38 (050) 490 86 36 and inform the manager about the act.

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