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A sandwich is not only two buns with sausage, but an ideal snack both in its original form and as the Italian famous panini. A classic sandwich consists of soft slices of bread that is very delicate and emphasizes the stuffing taste.

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How to choose ready-made sandwiches and croissants by wholesale?

If you decide to feed your visitors with ready-made and tasty pastries, choose sandwiches or croissants by wholesale. Take several criteria into account:

  • The stuffing is usually meat and cheese;
  • You can buy a number in package by retail or wholesale (from 15 pieces in a box);
  • Types of bakery dough - buns for panini, bread for sandwiches.

The transportation and storage conditions of frozen products are changed depending on a type of stuffing or bakery dough.

We offer various variants of ready-made sandwiches in individual packaging by wholesale:

  • With ham and crispy pickled cucumbers with Tartar sauce ;
  • Sandwich with smoked chicken fillet and spicy burger sauce;
  • Sandwich with thin slices of salami.

What can be sandwich stuffing: review of the Mr.Grill

The Mr.Grill offers a complete set of stuffing for sandwiches. The most popular are meat ingredients with high nutritional value. Two types of ham are offered:

  1. Chicken is juicy to the taste, contains few calories.
  2. Classis is made of 100% farm pork.

The ham is sold already sliced. It can be stored for up to 180 days at the temperature of -18°C. Defrost at room temperature.

Buns for sandwiches: what to choose?

The meaning of bun for sandwich is very diverse. If you are focused on a classic recipe, you can buy bread for sandwiches, similar to toaster bread.

Other variants of the base for a meal:

  • buns for panini are fluffy and crispy, ideal for sandwiches to Italian recipes;
  • buns with sesame seeds are round and soft buns generously sprinkled with seeds;
  • focaccia bun is multi-layered and aromatic buns of fluffy bakery dough;
  • Grain bread is thinly sliced, made of high-quality seeds of flax, sunflower and selected wheat sorts.

You can buy frozen panini buns at the Mr.Grill. Their shelf life is 360 days. You can defrost it at room temperature, on grill or in microwave. By choosing such products, you save time on cooking without losing flavours of pastries.

Why is it profitable to buy ingredients at the Mr.Grill?

The Mr.Grill company knows what is the best for sandwiches. It is profitable to buy ingredients here because of the quality products are sold at a low price. Delivery is made to your outlets every five days. Promotions and discounts are pleasant bonuses for you.


A sandwich is sold already in a packaging. To cook it, you have to defrost the product at room temperature and reheat in a microwave oven at temperature of +30°C and at 800 W. You can cook it on a grill for 3 minutes at the temperature of +180°C.

You can choose sandwiches with ham or salami at the Mr.Grill for a cafe. They are perfect for breakfasts and afternoon snacks.

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