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Sauces for fast food

Many qualities affect the fast food taste. Often, the finished product of grocery depends on details, for example, on the chosen sauce. It can complement the existing flavour or add new notes to the usual recipe. For your products stand out of the crowd and to be sold, it should be taken a time to choose the right sauce for burgers or hot dogs.

Соуси для хот-догів

Types of sauces for hot dogs, burgers and fast food

Manufacturers do not afraid to carry out experiments and make new unusual recipes. They differ not only in ingredients composition, but also flavours. You can buy the following sauces wholesale:

  • tomato classis is a standard solution for any fast food if you don’t want to make a mistake in a choice of sauce, then you can take free usual ketchup;
  • mayonnaise is most often as addition to another sauce, for example, to tomato classic;
  • barbecue is ideal burger sauce adding strong savoury notes;
  • relish may be used as one more culinary layer in the ready meal;
  • mustard is a popular sauce for hot dogs or any fast food, in the most cases is added at the buyer’s request for spicy;
  • processed cheese, a sauce cheese, is very popular due to its perfect consistency and balanced taste.

It is the best to have some variants of products to diversify the taste of usual meals at the buyer’s request or with a specific recipe.

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