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Airy pastries with an aromatic smell and a crispy crust are the favourite delicacies of children and adults. It is eaten in Ukraine and all over the world as a quick lunch snack or unhurried breakfast with coffee.

Features of semi-finished frozen croissants wholesale

Французький круасан - фото

You can buy frozen desserts wholesale to reduce business costs and improve kitchen work. Puff pastry with sweet stuffing and caramel on the top is an ideal dessert that is popular in coffee shops and cafes.

If you decide to buy frozen French croissants and puff pastry, the advantages are:

  • pastries do not lose freshness and aroma due to shock freezing;
  • products are stored in a freezer for 360 days at the temperature of -18°C;
  • simple cooking process that does not require a cooker or pastry maker;
  • you can quickly serve guests, time for cooking is about 15 minutes, while cooking by a recipe you need to spend 5 hours only for dough.

You can bake ready frozen croissants or puffy pastry by small parts depending on request. And the variety of stuffing will help to satisfy any customer.

The Mr.Grill stuffing

There is made semi-finished croissants with several types of stuffing. For it, there are used high-quality and tested products that do not lose its appearance and flavour at cooking.

Main types of the Mr.Grill stuffing for French frozen croissants:

  • maple syrup and nuts;
  • apricot jam;
  • almond;
  • chocolate.

In combination with a crispy crust and syrups on the top, these types of stuffing add new flavour to the dessert. You can buy wholesale croissants and puff pastries shells separately or in boxes of 24 or more pieces.

Where to buy frozen desserts and pastries wholesale?

You can make wholesale order at the Mr.Grill company. Advantages of this choice are:

  • quality – only tested ingredients are used for meal, and storage rules are followed;
  • low prices with excellent culinary and flavour qualities of pastries;
  • delivery – couriers can deliver your orders twice a week.

A pleasant bonus for buyers is promotions. Don’t miss benefit of the Mr.Grill discount offers.

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