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Frozen French fries and nuggets: the advantages of products

Chicken nuggets and delicious French fries are liked by almost everyone. These fast food meals are most often ordered as an appetizer to main meals or as independent. That’s why every owner of street food outlet is interesting where to buy high-quality frozen French fries and nuggets.

The Mr.Grill products: frozen nuggets

Картопля фрі та нагетси заморожені

The Mr.Grill nuggets are made of high-quality chicken fillet, and the golden coating makes its juicy meal more appetizing. It is very easy to cook frozen nuggets, so you can do it on a contact grill or in a microwave oven. The important advantage of semi-finished product may be called the absence of preservatives, because the long shelf life of product is ensured due to shock freezing.

The Mr.Grill products: frozen French fries

If you need to buy frozen French fries, it will be reasonable to buy the Mr.Grill semi-finished product, because it has many advantages compared to its analogues. Potatoes undergo shock freezing, therefore, after defrosting it retains nutritional value and flavour.

You can find in the assortment frozen French fries of A class, which means that all slices are equal and of the same length. Such product will turn out to be not only very tasty, but also nice fast food meal that your customers will surely appreciate. The sizes of cut potato may be different: 6×6 mm, 7×7 mm, 9×9 mm.

Where is the best place to buy nuggets and frozen French fries?

Meals of chicken breast and frozen French fries have gained special popularity among consumers. That client will be always satisfied, it is necessary to buy frozen French fries from a supplier that proved it as excellent. Of course, it is the Mr.Grill.

The advantages of the Mr.Grill include:

  • high quality of nuggets and frozen potato;
  • wide assortment;
  • variety of payment options;
  • frequent promotions;
  • fast delivery by special transport;
  • free delivery for orders over UAH 1000.

The cooperation with the Mr.Grill is a significant contribution to develop your profitable business.

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