Milkshake: tasty and easy

Sometimes you really want to treat yourself with a cooling drink or dessert. An excellent choice in this case will be a milkshake, which well combines refreshing effect, variety of flavours and healthful. Fast food facilities are recommended to include this drink in the menu, because it has been popular with buyers for many decades.

The mixture composition for milkshakes

Суміш для молочних коктейлів

The key ingredients of mixture for milkshake are:

  • whole milk;
  • skimmed milk powder;
  • sugar;
  • vanillin.

It is very easy to make a drink of milk mixture for shakes, you should pour it into a glass, and then simply beat it with a shaker or mixer for one and half minutes until a dense foam is formed. Using the Mr.Grill ready products is a practical option to make a drink, unlike dry mixes, which require the purchase of additional ingredients.

Mixtures for shakes: why is it worth to buy at the Mr.Grill?

You can buy at the Mr.Grill mixtures for milkshakes, which will be a real finding for business, because this product is distinguished by high quality and affordable price. The company’s advantages include various promotions and fast delivery, which will be free for all orders over UAH 1000.

At the Mr.Grill you can buy not only ready mixtures for milkshakes, but also disposable branded cups, which will simplify the making and sale of this delightful drink.

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