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Sweets are pleasant addition to tea drinking. These include sweet pastries with chocolate or fruit stuffing, cookies, gingerbreads, pies, cottage cheese pancakes (syrnyky). You can feel free to buy sweets wholesale: confectionary products are very popular among visitors of any café, coffee shop or other facilities.

How to choose deserts, cakes and sweet pastries

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When you order confectionary product wholesale, please, pay attention to some basic characteristics:

  • flavour and stuffing – popular variants with berries, fruits, nuts, caramel, chocolate inside or as a sprinkle;
  • type of desert – differ in the cooking way (for example: gingerbread ready to eat, but muffins should be defrosted);
  • quantity – you can buy deserts in boxes of 20 or more, depending on a type;
  • you order for whom – a children’s menu and sweets for coffee shop will be different.

It is important a holiday theme. For example: there are HALLOWEEN gingerbreads for a theme party or a company party, and in honour of the Valentine’s Day, pink muffins with cherry stuffing or macaroons wholesale are good. For New Year holidays, you can order gingerbreads wholesale with an image of snowman.

The assortment of confectionary from the Mr.Grill

You can order sweets at the MrGrill. The brand has a large list of confectionaries and cakes. Many of them are ready to eat, and some should be defrosted at room temperature.

Main types of deserts:

  • cookie “nut” with condensed milk;
  • honey gingerbread with various pictures;
  • waffle cakes and profiteroles;
  • macarons mix with different stuffing;
  • rolls with apples and cherries;
  • chocolate and fruit cupcakes;
  • apple charlotte;
  • cottage cheese pancakes (syrnyky) with vanilla;
  • croissants with chocolate and nuts;
  • cocoa or strawberry cakes.

Such confectionary wholesale can very expand the menu of your facility and satisfy all visitors.

The advantages of wholesale purchase of deserts and sweet at the Mr.Grill

If you decide to order of cookies or any other sweets wholesale, you can feel free to contact the Mr.Grill. Five main advantages of the company are:

  1. Quality tested products are used for making sweets.
  2. Low price – applies to single or wholesale offers.
  3. Promotions are an additional opportunity to save money or receive an individual benefit.
  4. Delivery – in average twice a week you can receive necessary semi-finished products or ready products.
  5. Individual packaging is for almost all sweets of the assortment.

You can buy the Mr.Grill sweet pastries and make happy your customers.

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