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What ingredients are necessary for a good pizza?

First of all, you need high-quality dough, and salami, ham or bacon as the constant ingredients for a classic pizza. Not limited to meat stuffing, you can add corn, tomatoes or other ingredients. It is necessary to buy a high-quality sauce that will emphasize the taste.

Street pizza is not only a baguette with full stuffing of ham and cheese, but and a popular European snack convenient to eat on the move.

Постачальник вуличної піци

Advantages of street pizza from the Mr.Grill

The modern rhythm of life is a movement that is why street food allows you make steady progress, enjoying a tasty snack. In comparison with a classic pizza, a street pizza is always a convenient variant that does not require additional backing. Just two minutes on a grill and a crispy and tasty snack is ready.

The Mr.Grill offers the ready-made pizza:

  • With chicken kebab and mushrooms, baked in tasty dough like on fire;
  • With Bavarian sausages;
  • With spinach, tomatoes and a sea of cheese on a crispy baguette – Baguette with smoked ham, corn and, of course, cheese. /li>

The product may be stored for 180 day at the temperature of -18°C. To cook the meal, it is necessary to reheat it in a microwave oven at the temperature of +30°C and 800 W. Or you can place a frozen pizza on a contact grill for 3 minutes.

Delivery of ready dough and stuffing for pizza by the Mr.Grill

Delivery is carried out by a unique logistics service in refrigerated trucks which maintain the required temperature, saving the products fresh.

It is very convenient to buy ready-made pizza at the Mr.Grill. Advantages for your business are:

  • All meals are of high-quality;
  • No minimum order;
  • Delivery is up to six times a week.

So, it is efficient and profitable to buy ready-made pizzas. You save money on a cooker, products and equipment, while you satisfy all wishes of your visitors. It’s especially profitable for coffee shops located next to offices.

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