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Please, read carefully the text of this Public Offer, and if you disagree with any clause of this Public Offer, you have the right to refuse the use website, including the purchase of Goods placed on the website, and do not do any actions specified in this Offer.

Public Offer Agreement
on order, sale and purchase or delivery of goods

This Agreement is official and public offer of the Seller to conclude Good sale and purchase agreement presented on the website This Agreement is public that is according to Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, its terms are equal for all buyers regardless of their status (individual, legal person, individual-entrepreneur) without any privileges to one buyer over another. Signing this Agreement, the buyer accepts the terms and order procedure in full, payment for goods, delivery of goods, return of goods, a responsibility for unfair order or any other terms of the agreement. The Agreement is deemed to be concluded upon pressing a button “Confirm the order” on page of placing of order in Section “Cart” and when the Buyer receives the e-confirmation of order from the Seller.

1. Definition of terms.
1.1. Public offer (hereinafter referred to as "Offer") is a public offer of the Seller, intended to the public, to conclude a distance good sale and purchase agreement with the Seller (hereinafter referred to as «Agreement«) under the terms contained in this Offer.
1.2. Good or Service is an agreement subject of the parties, which is selected by the buyer on the website of online store and added to a cart, or the Buyer already bought it online in the Seller.
1.3. Online store is the website of the Seller at created for conclusion of retail or wholesale agreements based on the reading by the Buyer the description of Good offered by the Seller through the Internet.
1.4. A Buyer is a capable individual, of 18 years old or older, receives the information from the Seller, places an order as to the good purchase presented on the website of online store not for business activity, or a legal entity or individual-entrepreneur.
1.5. The Seller is LLC Premier FOOD (EDRPOU code 35439133), the legal entity established and existing according to the current legislation of Ukraine, located at: 08628, Kyiv Region, Vasylkiv District, Bezpiatne Village, 72 – А Vasylkivska Street.

2. Subject of the Agreement.
2.1. The Seller should transfer ownership of Good to the Buyer, and the Buyer should pay for and accept the Good under the terms of this Agreement.
2.2. The date of Offer Agreement (offer acceptance) and the time of its complete and absolute acceptance the terms of this Agreement by the Buyer is the date when the Buyer filled the order form placed on the web-site of the online store, subject to receiving of the order e-confirmation by the Seller. If necessary or at the request of the Buyer, the Agreement may be issued in writing.

3. Placing of order.

3.1. The Buyer places order by him/herself in the online store through "Cart ", or ordering by email or phone specified in the section with online store contacts.
3.2. The Seller has the right to refuse transfer the order to the Buyer if information provided by the Buyer at placing of order is incomplete or brings on suspicion as to its actuality.
3.3. At the placing of order on the website of online store, the Buyer should provide the following information necessary that the Seller completes the order:
3.3.1. Buyer’s surname and name;
3.3.2. address to deliver Goods (if delivery by the Buyer’s address);
3.3.3. contact phone number.
3.3.4. Identification code for a legal entity or individual-entrepreneur.
3.4. Name, quantity, item number, price for chosen Good by the Buyer are specified in the Buyer’s cart on the website of online store.
3.5. If any of Parties on agreement requires additional information, he/she has the right to ask for it another Party. If the Buyer does not provide necessary information, the Seller is not responsible for rendering quality service the Buyer at good purchase in the online store.
3.6. At placing of order via the Seller’s operator (c. 3.1 of this Offer), the Buyer should provide information specified in c. 3.3. – 3.4 of this Offer.
3.7. The Buyer approves this Offer by entering proper data into registration form on the website of online store or at ordering via operator. Upon placing of order via operator, the data on the Buyer is added to data base of the Seller.
3.8. The Buyer is responsible for reliability of information provided at placing of order.
3.9. Signing the Agreement, that is accepting the terms of this offer (proposed terms for good purchase) through a placing of order, the Buyer confirms the following:
а) The Buyer completely read and agrees with the terms of this proposition (offer);
b) he agrees for collection, processing and transfer of personal data, consent for personal data processing is valid within the term of agreement, as well as within unlimited period upon its expiration. In addition, signing this agreement, the Buyer states that he notified (without additional notice) on the rights established by the Law of Ukraine "On personal data protection", on data collection purposes, and about that the personal data transfers to the Seller for execution the terms of this Agreement, possibility mutual settlements, and to receive invoices, acts or other documents. The Buyer also agrees that the Seller has the right to give access and transfer his personal data to third persons, without giving any additional notices to the Buyer, to complete the order of the Buyer. The scope of the Buyer’s rights as the owner of personal data is known and understandable to him according to the Law of Ukraine “On personal data protection”.

4. Goods Price and Delivery.
4.1 The Seller, on his own, determines the Goods and Services prices and they set forth on the website of online store. All Goods and Services prices on the website are in hryvnia incl. VAT.
4.2 The Seller can unilaterally, depending on the market conditions, change prices for goods or services. Herewith, the price for Good individual unit, paid in full by the Buyer, cannot be changed unilaterally by the Seller.
4.3. The cost of Goods, specified on the website of online store, does not include the Good delivery cost at the address of the Buyer.
4.4. The Seller can set an approximate cost of Goods delivery at the address of the Buyer when the Buyer applies to the Seller with such request through email or at placing of order via operator of the online store.
4.5. The Buyer’s obligations as to the Goods payment are deemed to be completed when the Seller receives funds on his account.
4.6. The settlements for the Goods between the Seller and the Buyer are made by the methods pointed out on the website of online store in section "Payment and Delivery".
4.7. When receiving the goods, the Buyer should, before the representative of delivery service (carrier) to check conformity of Goods with quality or quantity characteristics (goods description, quantity, complete unit, best before date).
4.8. The Buyer or his representative, when accepting the Goods, signing sales receipt/ or order/ or waybill for goods delivery, confirms that he has no claims on goods quantity, appearance or complete unit of the good.
4.9. Ownership and risk of accidental loss or damage of the Goods transfers to the Buyer or his representative from the date of receiving the Goods by the Buyer at the place of Goods delivery when self-delivery of Goods from the Seller or when the Seller places the goods to a delivery service (carrier) chosen by the Buyer.

5. The rights and obligations of the Parties.
5.1. The Seller should:
5.1.1. Transfer the goods to the Buyer according to the terms of this Agreement or the Buyer’s order.
5.1.2. Do not disclose any confidential information about the Buyer or do not give access to this information to third persons, except cases provided by the legislation or at execution the Buyer’s Order.
5.2. The Seller has the right to:
5.2.1 Unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement, and Good and Services prices by placing them on the website of online store. All changes come into force upon its publication.
5.3 The Buyer should:
5.3.1 Acquaint himself with the content of Agreement, terms of Agreement and prices offered by the Seller on the website of online store before signing the Agreement.
5.3.2 For performance obligations by the Seller before the Buyer, the latter should provide all data identified his as the Buyer, and sufficient to deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer.

6. Responsibility.
6.1. The Seller will not be liable for damage caused to the Buyer or third persons due to improper assembling, use, storage of Goods purchased from the Seller.
6.2. The Seller will not be liable for improper, untimely completion of the Orders and his obligations if the Buyer provides unreliable or mistaken information.
6.3. The Seller and the Buyer will be liable for performance of their obligations according to the current legislation of Ukraine and provisions of this Agreement.
6.4. The Seller or the Buyer will relieve from liability for full or partial default of obligations if it is the effect of force majeure circumstances such as: war or military actions, earthquake, flood, fire or other acts of God arising regardless the will of the Seller and/or Buyer after signing this agreement. The Party which cannot perform his obligations should immediately notify another Party.

7.1. Giving personal data on the website of online store at registration or placing of Order, the Buyer gives to the Seller his free consent for processing, use (including transfer) of his personal data, and other actions prescribed by the Law of Ukraine "On personal data protection" without limitation as to this consent period of validity.
7.2. The Seller undertakes not to disclose the received information from the Buyer. Not considered as the violation when the Seller provides information to contractors or third persons acting under the agreement signed with Seller, including comply with the obligations before the Buyer, and when a disclosure of information is prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine.
7.3. The Buyer will be liable for current his personal data. The Seller will not be liable for poor execution or default of his obligations due to expired information about the Buyer or it discrepancy with the realty.

8. Other terms.
8.1. This agreement is concluded on the territory of Ukraine and follows the current legislation of Ukraine.
8.2. All disputes, arising between the Seller and the Buyer, will be resolved through negotiations. If it is not resolved through negotiations, the Seller and/or the Buyer will have the right to apply to judicial authorities to resolve the dispute according to the current legislation of Ukraine.
8.3. The Seller has the right unilaterally make changes to the Agreement prescribed by c. 5.2.1. of the Agreement. In addition, the changes to the Agreement also may be made by a mutual consent of the Parties as prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine.


Limited Liability Company Premier FOOD
Registered address and postal code:
08628, Kyiv Region, Vasylkiv District,
Bezpiatne Village, 72 – А Vasylkivska Street
Business address and postal code:
03037, Kyiv City, 8 Zelenohirska Street
Bank details
c/a 26004230385221 in JSC "Procreditbank",
MFO 320984.
EDRPOU code 35439133
VAT payer’s Certificate No.100244066
TIN 354391310075
Phone: +38 (044) 222-79-55, fax (044) 594-73-81

IBAN: UA133209840000026004230385221

Director – Vitalii Tarasovych Voitovych


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