Panini, Ciabatta and Baguettes

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Panini is an ideal snack for those who don’t have time for full lunch. This famous Italian sandwich is widely accepted all over the world. It is very easy to cook and has a pleasant taste.

Постачальник паніні

Features of fresh and frozen panini wholesale

First of all, our panini sandwiches are always fresh, because they are cooked exclusively by your order and stored for up to 7 days. It is completely ready to eat, even without additional reheating.

Panini must be cooked on a contact grill for several minutes at temperature of 180 degrees, to get the best result. A crispy crust and obligatory stretchy cheese may become your brand identity.

Buy panini at the Mr.Grill: review of offers

Panini is also available wholesale in the Mr.Grill catalogue. We offer carefully selected tastes.

  • Panini with chicken has a combination of the most famous Caesar salad and crispy bun, which will increase the taste of the famous Italian sandwiches;
  • With ham cut into thin slices and seasoned with mozzarella and signature mustard sauce;
  • Panini with salami and juicy mozzarella;
  • Unusual combination of crispy panini bun and Italian Bolognese meat sauce;
  • Savoury boiled sausages with Korean carrots and fresh cabbage.

We also offer a ciabatta sandwich with stuffing:

  • Delicious pork ham with mozzarella seasoned with savoury cucumber relish and burger sauce;
  • Spicy chicken fried in the Mexicano sauce with crispy cabbage with spicy “French” sauce.

Baguettes should be singled out separately:

  • With slices of ham, mozzarella and unique burger sauce;
  • Salami sausages, mozzarella and mayonnaise sauce.

Sandwiches are sold only in an individual packaging. The Mr.Grill offers both fresh variants of ready-made meals and after freeze-drying, which can be stored up to 180 days at the temperature of 18 °C.

In addition to ready-made variants, you can always take a bun and stuffing to make a culinary masterpiece according to your own recipe.

Why it is worth to order panini and baguettes at the Mr.Grill?

You can buy panini, ciabatta or baguettes at the Mr.Grill. You can chose of the assortment the most popular stuffing with excellent taste qualities. Delight the customers with the following advantages:

  • Fast delivery;
  • Possibility to make wholesale or retail order (no minimum order);
  • Only quality products.

It is always profitable to buy panini wholesale, you can pay for the order in some ways: to a current account, via WayForPay or cash at delivery. Choose the convenient variant and treat your visitors with delicious sandwich panini.

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