Delicious and aromatic tea made of frozen berries is a great idea at any time of year. You can arrange a tea drinking at home or in a café, and it is so nice drink slowly the favourite drink from a glass during walks in winter or summer.

Is frozen tea concentrate healthful?

Yogoda малиновий

Frozen tea concentrate is very convenient: just add water and you can enjoy the taste. But is this drink healthful? The simple answer is: yes.

Frozen tea concentrate consists of natural ingredients. The important is that at freezing, almost all useful properties of fruits and berries are preserved. For example: frozen fruit tea concentrate contains antioxidants that are important for immunity. So, drinking such tea is both healthful and tasty.

The Mr.Grill frozen fruit tea concentrate

You can order a natural frozen tea concentrate at the Mr.Grill store. The main advantages of such products are:

  • convenience – frozen fruit tea concentrate is made for some seconds;
  • tightness – sticks are very practical packaging, because contain does not lose appearance or afraid of temperature changes (as, for example, happens with drinks on shelves);
  • a variety of flavours – some people like frozen ginger tea concentrate, while others prefer warming current tea;
  • excellent ingredients composition – ingredients include only sugar, berries, ginger root and spices.

Drinks in sticks can refresh your own home storage, or can be purchased for business to delight customers with tea drinking.

Where to buy a natural tea of frozen berries?

It is the most convenient to buy concentrated drinks at the Mr.Grill store. Just a few clicks and your favourite products are on the way to you. Our regular customers appreciate the following advantages:

  • no minimum order – wholesale or retail products;
  • only high-quality products with a good composition;
  • fast delivery throughout Ukraine;
  • reasonable price policy;
  • a huge assortment – we have not only drinks, but also ingredients;
  • for burgers, hot-dogs, shawarma and so on.

The Mr.Grill has been delighting you with delicious food and drinks for many years. Joint the true foodies.

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