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A juicy meaty burger is a true fast food classic. It is difficult to give up on this meal even for the biggest fans of healthy food. Let’s figure out what is needed for burger so that the result gives the fine taste.

Selection of ingredients for burger

Бургерная булочка

You can experiment as much as you want with the meal ingredients, but the taste, in any case, will depend on how well you chose a burger bun and patty. Take care of these ingredients quality, add additions and the result can compete with food of the best restaurants in the world.

So, the list of priority products includes:

  • burger bun, it is important to buy a special bun with neutral taste and soft texture;
  • cheese, you should choose stretchy cheese;
  • patty, the low-calorie food connoisseurs will like a chicken burger patty (as well as vegan burger patties are sold separately), and those who like other types of meat – pork or beef patties;
  • sauce, the most popular variant is ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, and there are special sauces.

The list of ingredients is not restricted to it. If you add crispy onion or other vegetables, the taste will be more interesting.

Where to buy burger stuffing?

You can order buns, cheese, and meat for burgers at the Mr.Grill store. You can find in our assortment the ideal ingredients for your favourite meal. Square or round buns, with sesame or without, wheat or rye – spoiled for choice.

You can buy the tastiest burger patties of beef, soy protein, or chicken. We also have stretchy cheese already cut into thin slices. All that you have to do is to collect your favourite hamburger or cheeseburger, and cook it on the grill.

The Mr.Grill burger patties, buns and cheese

The Mr.Grill is a well-known supplier of ingredients for tastiest fast food. If you want to make a burger, our store already prepared the ingredients for you. Dozens of supermarkets, fast food chains or other outlets trust us. The main advantages of the Mr.Grill are:

  • the highest quality of products, each burger bun or other product will delight you with excellent taste and modern cooking technologies, and a burger patty, which you can buy a ready-made, is made of natural meat (except vegan);
  • no minimum order – someone wants to please the family with fresh cheeseburgers, while someone makes wholesale order for a cafe;
  • fast delivery, you can buy burger buns with shipping throughout Ukraine;
  • equipment rent, we do not only sale semi-finished products, but also provide equipment so that the clients will be able to start quickly their business.

To buy hamburger ingredients, just make a few clicks on our website. We will make sure that it is very tasty for you.

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