Brioche Burger Bun, 30 pcs/box

12.84 ₴/piece
160.5 ₴/kg
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Product description

Fresh French pastries made from sweet dough that was loved by famous artist Edouard Manet. With the help of modern production methods, its soft and tender layer takes the form of a natural juicy burger enriched with such additives as fresh vegetables and spicy sauces. This brioche bun is ideal for a snack, is reminiscent of the culinary traditions of Normandy.

The appearance of the product in the box may differ from its appearance on the photo on the website.

  • Packaging type
    flow pack
  • Packing
    individual packaging
  • Unit weight, g
  • Shelf life in the freezer
    180 days at -18°C
  • Key ingredients
    wheat flour, drinking water, sugar, sunflower oil, yeast, salt.
  • Composition
    sugar, sunflower oil, salt, wheat flour, whey powder, soybean flour
  • Preparation
    defrost at room temperature and reheat on a contact grill for 3 minutes. At a temperature of 180°C
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Brioche Burger Bun, 30 pcs/box
12.84 ₴/piece
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