Set of assorted muffins Velvet

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Product description
A cupcake as a work of art, it seems like a small cake!
- Corduroy structure of melting dough!
- Delicate, light, elegant!
- Exquisite flavors that will pleasantly impress and will not leave you indifferent!
- Where there is love, there is something delicious)
Cupcake "with raspberries, white icing on top, generously sprinkled with raspberries and pistachio crumbs" - vanilla dough, with fragrant pieces of raspberries, which refreshes the sweet taste of the cupcake and reminds of warm summer.
Chocolate flavored cupcake with chocolate icing and sprinkles - the rich chocolate flavor of the dough is a good classic that we all know and love.
Brownie with marshmallows cupcake - a pronounced, rich taste of your favorite brownie dessert combined with marshmallows, like hot, spicy chocolate - spicy and delicious!
  • Packaging type
    flow pack
  • Shelf life in the freezer
    180 days at temperatures from -18°C to -23°C
  • Key ingredients
    raspberry, chocolate, marshmallow
  • Preparation
    defrost at room temperature
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