Cheese product "Mozzarella pizza 45%"

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203.04 ₴/kg
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Product description

Mozzarella is a semi-hard unripe cheese with a soft, clean and milky taste and characteristic plasticity, which gives a unique character and harmonious composition to traditional dishes.

Now in a convenient updated pellet format.

Due to its delicate taste, mozzarella complements pizza especially well. Convenient and tasty!

The appearance of the product in the box may differ from its appearance on the photo on the website.

  • Unit weight, g
  • Shelf life refrigerated
    120 days at a temperature of +4 °C
  • Key ingredients
    skimmed cow's milk, leaven of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria.
  • Composition
    skimmed cow's milk, milk fat substitute, leaven of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria, potassium chloride, drinking water, salt.
  • Preparation
    ready for consumption
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