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Delivery of packaged ready meals is the perfect way to save time. Semi-finished meals for lunch should not be compared with snacks. They retain the maximum of properties. For example: semi-finished soups are not worse than homemade meal when cooking.

Ready meals and its special features

Готові страви від Mr.Grill

Ready meal is primarily about fast cooking. All semi-finished products are easy to cook, as usual, the cooking process takes a minimum time. For example, a ready soup in a packaging is enough to defrost, and then reheat in a microwave oven. The result is a tasty, rich and aromatic broth. This type of meal is suitable for everyone who does not want waste time or just does not have such opportunity.

A ready lunch in a packaging will be equally practical in offices and at home. Cafes prefer to buy such products in order to save money on a cooker. At the same time, the quality of meals is not worse.

Advantages and disadvantages of semi-finished products

The modern life is a constant movement. An in a hurry, a person often forgets about normal food. Even the general trend of a match or yoga does not save your stomach which gets only snacks or fast food all day. Why it is profitable for cafes to include ready soups in a menu:

  • easy cooking;
  • minimum time;
  • taste does not differ from home meal;
  • clear ingredients composition;
  • division into portions;
  • available ready meals by wholesale.

Ready meals do not have any disadvantages. You should only correctly defrost it and cook. Then the meal remains tasty, nutritious and appetizing.

Frozen lunches at the Mr.Grill: review of offers

Ready meals by wholesale are presented in the Mr.Grill catalogue. One box includes six serving portions. What meals are:

  1. Ukrainian borscht. It consists of dressing, cabbage, potato, chicken broth, sugar, salt and sunflower oil.
  2. Broth with chicken fillet. It consists of potato, chicken fillet, carrot, onion and spices.

You can easy to order ready soups for your café in any number. They are stored for 180 day at the temperature from -18 to -23°C. It is necessary to defrost ready soups at room temperature, and then place it to a microwave oven for 1,5-3 minute.

Delivery of starter ready meals of the Mr.Grill.

It is very convenient to buy ready soups at the Mr.Grill. Advantages for your business are:

  • All meals are of high-quality;
  • No minimum order;
  • Delivery is up to six times a week.

So, it is efficient and profitable to buy ready soups. You save money on a cooker, products and equipment, while you satisfy all wishes of your visitors. It’s especially profitable for stores located next to offices.

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