Ukrainian borsch with meat, 220 g

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216.55 ₴/kg
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Product description
A real Ukrainian borsch with meat touches the entire spectrum of senses: you perceive it by taste, enjoy the aroma and, of course, the color. And most importantly, borsch warms your heart.
Rich in color and flavor, authentic Ukrainian borsch will warm you and fill you up. Traditional dressing with beets and cabbage gives borsch a unique rich flavor.
The individual craft packaging allows you to quickly heat the product in the microwave and enjoy it anywhere - in your cozy coffee shop or in the park.
  • Packaging type
    Individual craft eco-packaging
  • Unit weight, g
  • Shelf life in the freezer
    180 days at -18°C
  • Shelf life refrigerated
    5 days at 0°C to +5°C, 5 hours at +6°C to +18°C
  • Key ingredients
    cabbage, potatoes, spices, chicken broth
  • Composition
    chicken broth, potatoes, boiled chicken thigh, boiled red beets, white cabbage, carrots, fried onions, sterilized tomato paste 25%, salt, crystallized white sugar, vinegar, ground black pepper, bay leaf
  • Preparation
    frozen product: microwave at 800 W for 5 minutes; defrosted product: microwave at 800 W for 2 minutes.
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