The Mr.Grill recipe: wieners "With cheese" on the grill

Рецепти від Mr.Grill: сосиски "з сиром" на грилі

Tender wieners “With cheese” have and incredible taste, and made of choice meat of the highest grade. Cheese and mustard seeds give them a special taste. This combination perfectly emphasizes the real meat taste and adds a special aroma for wieners.

Are you looking new ideas for family grilling? Tasting the pickled wieners once, you will constantly delight your family with it, because the taste is excellent, and the recipe is very easy.

For aromatic marinade, mix honey, lemon juice and cumin. Put the wieners “With cheese” into the marinade and leave for 10 minutes.

Upon the wieners have absorbed marinade flavour, roll up them into bacon.

Grill for 20 minutes and enjoy the incredible taste with light smokiness and sweet sour taste of the marinade. That’s all, enjoy your meal!

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