The Mr.Grill recipes: wieners "Premiere" in potato dough

Рецепти від Mr.Grill: сосиски "Прем'єра" в картопляному тісті

Ideal “Premiere” wieners without skin are liked for their delicate taste by everyone without exception. Wieners consist of choice meat of beef, pork and chicken and such combination of meat makes them extremely juicy and tender taste.

Do you remember your favourite school snack, wiener in dough? Let’s make a bet, you haven’t tasted wieners in potato dough yet, so save the recipe!

Choose, for this meal, boiled milk wieners “Premiere” of choice beef and chicken, because it is the most important ingredient. To make dough, pass the boiled hot potato through a meat grinder, add egg, flour and salt. Grind intensive the ready dough and cut into rectangles. Place aromatic wieners on the top and stuck the dough edges.

In order that the ready buns will be crispy and with a golden crust, spread with egg mixed with butter, and make small cuts in dough. And for better taste, we recommend to sprinkle with sesame and grated cheese.

Bake wieners in dough at 180°C for 15-20 minutes, call your friends and enjoy an incredible taste of childhood.

Enjoy your meal!

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