The Mr.Grill recipes: grilled sausages "Bavarian"

Рецепти від Mr.Grill: ковбаски "Баварські" на грилі

Summer is perfect time for grilling! What is about savoury semi-smoked barbeque sausages “Bavarian”?

A real delicacy is savoury and aromatic semi-smoked sausages “Bavarian”. These sausages are made of cool choice meat with small pieces of lard. Spicery and spices are also included, therefore they are so juicy and delicious.

The sausages are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And how many different meals you can cook with them, you simply cannot count! Having tasting it once, you will definitely back to them again.

For a brighter taste and ideal crispy, we recommend you to pour periodically the sausages with sauces during cooking, for example: sauce of melted butter combined with finely chopped garlic and onion.

Remember, so that the sausages will not become dry, do not pierce them at cooking.

Fresh rye bread or lavash, and your favourite sauce will be ideal addition to the crispy sausages.

Enjoy your meal!

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