The Mr.Grill recipes: bigos with wieners “Premiere”

Рецепти від Mr.Grill: бігос із сосисками "Прем'єра"

Tender and juicy boiled wieners without skin are “Premiere”. Choice beef and tender chicken meat are used at its cooking. Wieners are perfect with salads or your favourite topping, or as the ingredient for known meal bigos!

Pycha! Bigos is one of the favourite national meals of Poles and Lithuanians. And it is very easy to cook at home, save the recipe.

Cut wieners, cabbage and onion. Start frying: first the onion until golden brown, and then add cabbage and wieners, seasoning everything with tomato paste, greens, pepper and salt to taste. Mix well all ingredients, cover with a lid and simmer over low heat until done.

Enjoy your meal!

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