Donats mix "Sweet Box"

21.32 ₴/piece
334.87 ₴/kg
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Product description
Are you ready to enjoy unrivaled donuts? Choose donats mix "Sweet Box"with different flavors. Once you try it, you will fall in love forever! The box contains 3 types of donuts, 2 pieces of each type.
• Classic donut - with airy weightless dough and incredible taste of chocolate glaze.
• Wild Berry Donut - stylish, bright, and delicious, with light and airy dough, pink delicate icing, sprinkles, and wild berry filling.
• Mango Donut - with a sweet mango filling, decorated with yellow topping and appetizing colored sprinkles.
Allow yourself to open new horizons of taste and enjoy the best donuts!
  • Unit weight, g
  • Shelf life in the freezer
    545 days at -18°C
  • Preparation
    defrost at room temperature
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