“The same hot dogs from gas stations. 15 years with us!”: the Mr.Grill brand launched a grand advertising campaign

“The same hot dogs from gas stations. 15 years with us!”: the Mr.Grill brand launched a grand advertising campaign

The Mr.Grill introduced the culture of hot dog consumption in Ukraine, and decided to remind it. The new advertising campaign started with a sensual video. The main message of the brand: “The same hot dogs from gas stations. 15 years with us”.

Communication message
15 years ago, the Mr.Grill brand offered tasty and hearty snack in the frantic rhythm of city. Now it is difficult to image that in 2008 only five gas stations offered clients the true French hot dog of Ukrainian production. Today, the Mr.Grill brand is 10 000 000 hot dogs every month at 2 000 Gas Stations of Ukraine. Hot dog quickly became popular attribute of any travelling or vacation, and a convenient snack in a café next your home.
The advertising campaign: “The same hot dogs from gas stations. 15 years with us” started powerfully with a video, which has already seen by 2 000 000 Ukrainians in social networks, on screens of shopping malls, on the online media pages. Soon the Mr.Grill will be on billboards, on screens of all “Intercity” and will be heard on the radio.

How the video was created
The Esse production house team was invited to create the video. Over 60 people of various professions worked under the management of the Director, Gleb Feldman, and Photography Director, Vlad Penkov. The creative process may be prevented by a legal closing time, possibility of blackout (a powerful generator was operated on the site) and unfavourable weather. But everything worked out! Special JUMBO lamps turned a gloomy day with rain clouds into a clear and sunny day. They light up the site in the twilight, because the filming lasted for 17 hours in a row.

The gas station of the reliable partner of Premier GOOD Group, the owner of the Mr. Grill brand, was chosen as the location. Art Directors turned it into a retro gas station of 2008. Fuel tanks were rented from a warehouse with real movie prop. In addition, at the gas station, there were made decorations, built a house of the main characters where scenes in the bedroom were filmed. It was filmed with the professional camera ARRI Alexa Mini with special anamorphic optics, which adds an attractive distortion to the edges of the frame and artistically emphasizes sun reflection. Stuntmen were invited for spectacular appearance of heroes on motorcycles. More than 300 of the Mr.Grill hot dogs were specially made for filming.

Vitalii Voitovych is the founder and CEO of Premier FOOD Group and Mr.Grill brand:
— Fifteen years ago, no one believed that an ordinary hot dog for a snack could become a high-quality product in this segment. Premier FOOD group of companies with the Mr.Grill brand changed the attitude of Ukrainians to the hot dog, and now we are developing not only the culture of hot dog consumption, but also the entire street food market. Today we are number one in the food service and street food market. The same hot dogs from the Gas Station are remained with Ukrainians under any conditions!

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